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Cheap & Healthier Alternative to Coffee Creamer

on April 14, 2012

Admittingly, I am one of those who likes a little coffee with my creamer. I love coffee, but if I had to drink it black I just wouldn’t drink it. I never thought I liked coffee until I discovered flavored coffee creamer, and then I was hooked. Recently though I have been working on cutting back on processed foods and sugars from out diet, and a major area I needed to address was my addiction to coffee creamer, and all of it’s sugar and chemicals. I had started buying the “natural” real dairy creamer made with real cream and sugar, but sugar is sugar and it still falls into the  “processed food” category.

So, with that being said, the alternative I have found that works for me is evaporated milk and either honey or agave nectar for the sweetener. Yes, it’s probably not the most perfectly healthy solution, but for now it’s a step in the right direction. I’ve found, also, that the fat free evaporated milk is just as creamy as the whole milk version. Pour it into a pretty glass jar, because everything looks better in pretty glass jars. I also use evaporated milk when I make oatmeal or cream of wheat and macaroni and cheese. If you mix evaporated milk 50/50 with water you can use it in any recipe that calls for milk, and it’s a lot cheaper.


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