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Fizzy Fun with Kids

on April 7, 2012


Take vinegar tinted with food coloring and use a dropper to drop it in a pan filled with baking soda. It makes a chemical reaction and fizzes up and makes little craters. It looks really cool. I decided to try this tonight while we were coloring Easter eggs. My three year old liked doing it but had trouble using the dropper, so I had to help (we need to work on this skill). I was also a bit too paranoid with the bowl of food colored vinegar so near our carpet, so we didn’t do this very long, but it’s a good idea, probably for an older child though.

I tried using the vinegar/water mixture from the egg dye, but since it was diluted it didn’t make as much fizz as the straight vinegar and food coloring, but it still worked. Again, I think my kids (ages 3 and almost 2) are a bit too young for activities involving food coloring and liquid, but it was a fun experiment.


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